875 KF Gas Analyzer: Monitoring water in gaseous monomers and liquefied gases

System for automated coulometric determination of moisture in liquefied petroleum and nautral gases

Metrohm presents the 875 KF Gas Analyzer, a fully integrated solution for the determination of the water content in butadiene, chloromethane, and other liquefied gases by coulometric Karl Fischer titration. Due to the system’s robust sampling system, straightforward operation, and the unique benefits of Karl Fischer titration as an absolute method, the 875 KF Gas Analyzer meets multiple challenges such as selectivity, sensitivity, and safety all at the same time.

Gaseous monomers and other liquefied gases are important starting materials for the production of plastics of all kinds. Aggressive, toxic, and highly volatile as such media often are, they pose a challenge to monitoring critical parameters during manufacturing of downstream products. One of those parameters is the water content, as residual moisture in the gaseous matrix may interfere with the synthesis reaction and also promote corrosion of piping systems and other plant equipment.

The 875 KF Gas Analyzer addresses all of these issues and is thus a sensitive, robust, and highly reliable solution for monitoring the water content in liquefied gases.

Very safe

The analyzer consists of a robust sampling system (Swagelok tubings and valves) with a mass flow controller at its heart. Both the sampling system and the titration stand are housed in a PVC shelter. The gas-carrying system and the electronics part are strictly separated.

Straightforward operation

The 875 KF Gas Analyzer is straightforward to use. Laboratory personnel just have to connect the gas sample cylinder to the sampling system and start the analysis on the touch screen of the user interface. The system is controlled by the world’s leading titration software tiamo™.

Superior selectivity

Karl Fischer titration is unmatched when it comes to selectivity for water in trace quantities. Moreover, it is the only absolute method for this kind of monitoring, meaning system calibration is not an issue.

Highly sensitive

Coulometric Karl Fischer titration is highly sensitive enabling reliable determination of the water content down to the ppm level.

Application documents available

Application Notes for the determination of the water content in the following gaseous matrices are available: