TitrIC flex – fully automated system for comprehensive water analysis

TitrIC flex for combined titration and ion chromatography analysis to measure temperature, conductivity, pH value, p and m values, calcium, magnesium, anions and cations

The complete range of ions typically present in water can now be determined fully automatically with TitrIC flex, the new system from Metrohm for comprehensive water analysis. To this end, TitrIC flex combines titration, direct measurement, and ion chromatography. Results from all three methods are collected in a common database and edited in a shared report.

For maximum efficiency, titration and ion chromatography are performed in parallel. TitrIC flex is completely automated integrating an OMNIS Sample Robot. 

This modular autosampler can be expanded step by step to accommodate up to 175 samples, which are determined completely unattended. The samples are automatically filtered in order to protect the IC from contamination with particles. Physical parameters such as turbidity and color index can also be integrated at any time.

TitrIC flex is self-monitoring. Users are automatically informed when calibration of the electrode or determination of the titer should be carried out to ensure reliable and reproducible results. Likewise, check standards are automatically injected after any defined number of samples. The system is automatically recalibrated if the check is out of specification.

The following parameters can be automatically monitored using TitrIC flex (TitrIC flex II for anions and cations):

  • pH value
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • p and m value
  • Hardness (calcium/magnesium)
  • Cations (e.g., lithium, sodium, ammonium, calcium …)
  • Anions (e.gl, fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrite , nitrate, phosphate …)
  • Ionic balance

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