Inhibiting Polymerization: Monitoring TBC in Styrene as per ASTM D4590

Styrene represeneted as ball-and-stick model

Metrohm Process Analytics is pleased to present a turn-key solution for the colorimetric determination of 4-tert-butylcatechol (TBC) in styrene as per ASTM D4590. More detailed information on this application is provided by Note AN-PAN-1027, which is available free of charge.

TBC is a free radical inhibitor which requires oxygen to prevent premature polymerization during storage and transport of reactive monomers such as styrene, butadiene, vinyl acetate, and others. In order not to compromise the product quality, the TBC concentration in styrene has to be maintained above 10–15 mg/L TBC.

To control TBC depletion, close monitoring of its concentration is required. The turn-key solution offered by Metrohm Process Analytics is configured for photometric analyses and enables monitoring of TBC depletion at the inlet of the styrene storage tank, ensuring optimal storage conditions.

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