Standards in Metrohm Application Finder


Regulatory compliance is an indispensable aspect of quality control in nearly all industries. Knowing whether a given analytical method meets the relevant standard is therefore decisive in setting up QC procedures. To facilitate this assessment, Metrohm has added a new filter for standards to the Application Finder on its website.

The numerous standards issued by national and international standards organizations, standard-developing organizations (SDO), and standards bodies, e.g., AOAC, ASTM, BIS, DIN, ISO, EPA, Ph. Eur., UOP, or USP, have had a major impact in improving the safety and quality of products. However, it is not always easy for manufacturers to decide whether procedures in quality control labs comply with the methods described in the standards.

To help manufacturers in various industries with this decision, Metrohm has included a new filter for standards in its Application Finder. The Application Finder is a freely accessible online library containing all Metrohm applications.

Website visitors can now select the relevant standard and thus have only those application documents displayed that are in accordance with this standard. Combined with the existing filters for analyte/parameter, matrix, industry, and analytical method, this new filter allows website visitors to find the relevant application document more easily.

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