Metrohm presents solutions for new regulation of hexavalent chromium

MagIC Net ion chromatography software on screen
As of July 1st, the California Department of Public Health is the first agency to enforce a lower limit of 10 µg/L for hexavalent chromium (CrVI) in drinking water. A national limit review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) is expected to follow soon.

Metrohm has recently introduced new CrVI packages featuring its 900 series ion chromatography systems, with guaranteed methods that easily exceed the proposed limits of 10 µg/L and identify levels down to ultra-trace parts per trillion.

CrVI is a strong oxidizing agent and known carcinogen and mutagen that has been proven to aggressively damage DNA. It occurs both naturally and, more frequently, as a result of industrial processes. The Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex is a dedicated analyzer configured for EPA Method 218.7 and the analysis of CrVI in drinking water, while the 940 Professional IC Vario can be expanded to include EPA 300 (anions), EPA 314 (perchlorate) and ASTM D6919 (cations) in series or parallel.

The U.S. EPA and other global regulatory agencies commonly collaborate with Metrohm technology experts during method development and the company’s instruments are written into a variety of regulatory methods – including the most recent update of EPA Method 218.7. Method 218.7 provides procedures for the determination of hexavalent chromium as the chromate anion CrO(4)2- in finished drinking water using ion chromatography. More information is available from

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