Customers rely on robust Metrohm IC systems

Robust Metrohm ion chromatographs for anion and cation analysis

Robust, fully automated inline sample preparation, stable, reproducible results, a dependable anion suppressor that works flawlessly for years – the reasons why customers prefer Metrohm ion chromatographs for routine analysis are many.

Automated inline ultrafiltration – the key to robust carbohydrate analysis

«Inline filtration helps us speed up our sample preparation and improve the stability of retention times», says Ramon Bouza, director at AGQ laboratories in Burguillos in Spain. AGQ have been using their Metrohm IC instruments for two years and are very satisfied with the technical and application support they get from their local Metrohm representative.

A robust solution for testing all kinds of water samples

«I trust Metrohm instruments 100%. They help me to make my everyday work easy», says Lledo Altava, IC Analyst at Iproma’s large contract laboratory near Valencia in Spain. She emphasizes the fact that due to their two Metrohm ICs’ robust performance in routine analysis of water samples, Iproma is able to keep costs per analysis low in a highly competitive market.

A suppressor module that works for years without needing replacement

«Our customers absolutely depend on the accuracy of our standards» says Dieter Bossmann, Laboratoy Manager at Bernd Kraft, one of Germany’s leading manufacturer of calibration standards and other chemicals from Duisburg. He, too, emphasizes the robust performance of his Metrohm IC system: «When our IC system is calibrated and we do not exchange the column, this calibration is stable for almost half a year», he says. Dieter Bossmann mentions the robustness of the Metrohm Anion suppressor Module that works flawlessly for a period of several years.

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