"Polymer and plastics analysis" –  new online resource for the polymer industry

Analyzing polymer pellets through a clear bag with Raman spectroscopy
Metrohm is pleased to support the polymer industry with a new online resource addressing the analytical needs and challenges along the entire process chain. "Polymer and plastics analysis" provides free access to numerous standard-compliant applications (ASTM, ISO, DIN EN) as well as information about suitable instrumentation ranging from NIR and Raman spectroscopy to traditional wet chemical methods (titration, Karl Fischer titration, combustion ion chromatography, thermal stability measurement, electrochemistry). The new online resource addresses the needs of both routine process analysis and laboratory analysis.

The new webpages are structured according to the three main steps of the polymer production process, i.e., "Quality control of feedstock", "Reaction monitoring", and "Quality control of polymer and plastic products".

While professionals will find what they would expect on the new webpages (how to determine crucial quality parameters such as additives, copolymer levels, water content, halogens, residual monomers, impurities, etc.), the latest Metrohm online resource takes a look beyond this scope providing dedicated solutions for analyzing bioplastics and conductive polymers, the latter being increasingly used in polymer solar cells, polymer-based supercapacitors, electrodes, and other devices.

"Polymer and plastics analysis" is a valuable resource to consult for professionals in charge of production and quality control. Moreover, research chemists will benefit from numerous "fringe" applications, e.g., on the analysis of conductive polymers and biopolymers.

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