Smaller footprint, higher throughput – automated, parallel titrations with OMNIS

Automated, parallel titration on an OMNIS system

Performing 4 different titrations simultaneously on a single, fully automated system is the new state of the art in titration. The new OMNIS platform by Metrohm includes an x-y-z sample robot, taking the efficiency of wet chemical analysis to new levels.

Higher sample throughput …

Besides a titrator, the new OMNIS platform includes an x-y-z sample robot that is modular by design and accommodates up to seven racks with a maximum capacity of 175 samples altogether.

… on a smaller footprint …

It makes a substantial differences in terms of footprint to accommodate 175 samples on the square design of a modular x-y-z system vs. distributing the same number of samples across two or even three discrete autosamplers with turntables. The amount of bench space saved with the new titration platform is considerable.

… at a more competitive price …

As the capacity of turntable sample changers is inherently limited, pushing the limit used to mean investing in another autosampler and a titrator, possibly more, depending on the sample volume. Not so with the OMNIS platform. The OMNIS Sample Robot can be scaled up module by module from size S to M to L all connected to the same titration stand.

… in much less time

Fully automated parallel titration at 4 work stations means: getting the same number of samples analyzed for the same parameters up to three times faster than by sequential analysis. The titrations performed at 4 work stations can be all of the same kind or different ones – the new platform can handle both.

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