OMNIS – Metrohm makes titration faster, safer, and easier

OMNIS titration system with Sample Robot

"A whole new level of performance" – that is the promise of OMNIS, the new platform for wet chemical analysis by Metrohm. With OMNIS, the market leader in titration addresses the needs of small and large laboratories alike: The new titration platform is modular and can be expanded from a simple stand-alone titrator to a powerful robotic system performing 4 analyses simultaneously processing up to 175 samples completely unattended.

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Higher sample throughput

The new Metrohm titration platform boosts sample throughput to new levels: The OMNIS Sample Robot continuously picks and places samples from and to a maximum of 4 Work Stations performing up to 4 analyses simultaneously. As soon as free capacity at any one of the 4 Work Stations is noticed, the next analysis is started.

Fully protected reagent exchange

The new titration platform comes with a patented Liquid Adapter making the exchange of reagents safer than ever. No bottles with potentially harmful liquids need to be opened: In order to exchange reagents, the Liquid Adapter is simply snapped onto its counterpart on top of the sealed bottle with the original reagent. Moreover, when the liquid adapter is snapped onto this bottle cap, OMNIS reads information about the content of the bottle from an RFID chip in the bottle cap and saves it in the method. This fully automated identification and check of the reagent closes the last gap in the traceability of the analysis.

Intuitive use

The new Metrohm titration platform is intuitive to use as the entire hardware is graphically represented in the user interface. Custom systems can be configured by drag and drop of the icons on the desktop or on a touch screen interface. The graphical method editor is operated by drag and drop as well, enabling users to edit methods command by command.

Focus on the sample

The new titration platform puts the sample in the focus. Whatever methods are necessary to analyze a sample, OMNIS collects the results and connects them to the sample. This saves time and effort, as the results for the parameters of interest for each sample are shown in a single report.

Comprehensive wet chemical analysis on a shared platform

Metrohm is the only manufacturer providing instrumentation and software for all methods of ion analysis. With OMNIS, Metrohm has opened the door to comprehensive, multi-method ion analysis on a universal platform.

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