OMNIS – a whole new level of efficiency and convenience in the laboratory

OMNIS potentiometric titrator system for automated titration

What if your instrument software didn’t focus on the method but rather on the sample and what you want to know about it? What if your questions were answered at a single glance instead of having to collect results for multiple parameters from different databases?
What if you had a sample profile instantly showing you which parameters were already determined and which weren’t?
What if you could put together new Operating Procedures simply selecting from dedicated modules – just like from a construction kit?
What if you could distribute your OPs across the functional units of your analyzer to run several applications simultaneously?

Sounds like a new level of convenience and efficiency? Welcome to OMNIS!

The sample in the focus

When you have a sample in front of you, you would like to know the concentrations of parameters x, y, and z. What you don’t want is collecting results from different, method specific data bases and aggregating them with great effort. OMNIS answers your questions straight away: The results for all parameters are connected to the sample and shown to you at a single glance.

Answers at a single glance

Measuring a sample may require different methods to be performed in a specific order. When you enter the lab, just open the sample profile to see where you are: OMNIS shows you which parameters have already been determined and which are still waiting to become so.

The benefits of modularity

Changing OPs or writing new ones can be hassle, if you have to do so command by command. OMNIS is different. Simply select from dedicated methods that can be used like building blocks from a construction kit and put together your OPs module by module – without going down to the level of individual commands.

The beauty of efficiency

Modularity with OMNIS goes further: With OMNIS, you can distribute your OPs across the functional units of the available hardware to run several applications simultaneously. Think of OMNIS as an orchestra. You may use just the strings or the winds. Great music however results, if all instrument contribute simultaneously and in sync with each other. Consolidate your complete wet chemical analysis on a single platform and become a maestro with OMNIS!

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