New, modular system for multi-method analysis on a single platform

Automated, parallel titration on an OMNIS system

Quality control in many industries depends on the routine analysis of a handful of key parameters. Often, determination of these parameters is distributed across several technologies and methods. This goes along with cumbersome aggregation of results and management of data from different sources. With the launch of the new, modular OMNIS platform for comprehensive wet chemical analysis, this situation will change.

The new modular platform by Metrohm integrates comprehensive wet chemical analysis focusing on titration methods at the time of its first release with the implementation of all other techniques of the Metrohm portfolio (ion chromatography, spectroscopy, and more) scheduled to follow. 

The benefits of the new platform for multi-method analysis are evident: No matter which parameters need to be determined and by which methods, the new, powerful software collects the results for each sample and shows them in a single report.

The modular design and licensing concept of the new platform enables users to scale up OMNIS step by step and customize it according to their requirements. Instead of investing in new analyzers and software each time they need to push the limits of their installed base, users simply license additional functional modules as well as firm- and software modules to scale up their OMNIS system.

The modular concept of OMNIS also includes automation: OMNIS can be scaled up step by step from a stand-alone system for manual operation to a powerful robotic system enabling the analysis of up to 175 samples at 4 work stations simultaneously, completely unattended.

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