OMNIS – consolidate your wet chemical analysis on a single system!

Automated OMNIS titrator system for potentiometric analysis of several parameters

What if you were able to determine all your titration parameters on a single system? Simply integrate new methods when you need to? Automate your analyses when higher throughput is required – on the same platform? With OMNIS you can just do this: Start out with a simple stand-alone titrator, scale it up step by step, and ultimately benefit from a custom solution performing 4 titrations simultaneously analyzing up to 175 samples for multiple parameters completely unattended!

  • Consolidate your existing titration parameters on a single system.
  • Integrate new methods and parameters by adding additional hardware and firmware at any time.
  • Increase sample throughput by adding an OMNIS Sample Robot to analyze up to 175 samples completely unattended.
  • Maximize efficiency by performing up to 4 parallel titrations.