New polymer brochure

New polymer brochure from Metrohm

Metrohm is pleased to present «Polymer and plastics analysis» – a new brochure focusing on quality control in the polymer industry. The brochure includes the latest norms, standards, and applications and can be downloaded for free.

«Polymers and plastics analysis» addresses the analytical challenges along the entire process chain. The brochure provides free access to about 100 applications – most of them are standard-compliant as per ASTM, ISO, and DIN EN – to help control the process of polymer production from monomer analysis through to final control of finished products.

The new brochure is structured according to the three main steps of the polymer production process: «Quality control of feedstock», «Reaction monitoring», and «Quality control of polymer and plastic products».

Metrohm offers complete solutions for very specific analytical issues. Techniques range from titration an ion chromatography to spectroscopy, voltammetry, and electrochemistry.

The new brochure is a valuable resource to consult for professionals in charge of production and quality control. Critical quality parameters covered are additives, copolymer levels, water content, halogens, residual monomers, heavy metals, impurities, and many more.

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