Superior reliability and lower cost of ownership: Metrohm launches new generation of ion chromatographs

Laboratory technician working on an ion chromatography system equipped with modules
Robust Swiss Quality, ease of use, and lower cost of ownership – these have always been the hallmarks of Metrohm systems for ion chromatography. They are key benefits of the latest generation of Metrohm ion chromatographs, too. In fact, the 940 Professional IC Vario and the 930 Compact IC Flex instruments come with new features making system operation even more economical, convenient and reliable.
Automated Inline Eluent Preparation as provided by the 941 Eluent Production Module enables uninterrupted, maintenance-free system operation up to one month. The production of eluents reduces cost of ownership significantly, as all that is required is the dilution of the respective concentrate with ultrapure water. For even more convenience, an ultrapure water system can be directly connected to the 941 Eluent Production Module for a constant supply of ultrapure water.

With the 940 Professional IC Vario and the 930 Compact IC Flex, users do not depend on expensive consumables such as syringe filters and SPE cartridges for sample preparation. Instead, the unique and partly patented techniques of Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) integrate fully automated inline sample preparation (filtration, dilution, preconcentration, matrix elimination) and subsequent analysis into a fully automated system. Routine users in particular benefit from considerable savings on both time and money.

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