Metrohm Process Analytics – the process industry’s preferred partner for wet chemistry online analysis

Metrohm Process Analytics process analyzer installed at industrial plant
«Pushing the limits together» – that’s the claim of Metrohm Process Analytics, the brand of the global Metrohm Group’s subsidiary catering specifically to the process industry. Customized online analyzers from Metrohm Process Analytics allow customers to monitor key quality parameters in multiple process streams in order to increase product yield, reduce costs, and comply with safety and environmental regulations.

The history of Metrohm Process Analytics dates back to the mid 1970s. At that time, a team of chemists and engineers from the Dutch subsidiary of the Metrohm Group developed and installed the world’s first wet chemistry online analyzer to monitor alkalinity levels 24/7 in an industrial manufacturing process.

Since then, more than 10,000 online, inline, and atline analyzers have been installed by Metrohm Process Analytics worldwide. The list of customers includes many Fortune 500 companies, and successful projects range from applications in basic and specialized chemicals, to petrochemicals and refined products, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, surface finishing, power plants, mineral extraction, wastewater treatment and environmental monitoring.

«Pushing the limits together» sums up the commitment of the company’s workforce to their customers. With over 1000 cumulative years of experience in process and chemical engineering, they focus on challenges that usually cannot be addressed with solutions straight off the shelf. Hence, customized configurations for turn-key solutions have become the trademark of Metrohm Process Analytics. The scope of analytical methods implemented in these solutions range from titration to electrochemistry, photometry, ion chromatography and ion selective measurements. More recently, spectroscopic techniques have been added to broaden the company’s analytic capabilities.

Metrohm Process Analytics provides local service and support in over 50 countries. Standardized maintenance procedures ensure the same high quality of service is provided globally by trained and certified service engineers based at local Metrohm offices.

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