Get your free copy of "Electrodes in Voltammetry" now!
3/12/2014 8:26 AM

Multimedia guide Electrodes in Voltammetry on CD-ROM
Accurate results of voltammetric measurements depend on the correct installation and maintenance of the electrode. All you need to know about it is available now on the new, free of charge multimedia guide "Electrodes in Voltammetry".
"Electrodes in Voltammetry" comes on a single CD and answers all your questions concerning the installation and maintenance of the
  • Multi-Mode Electrode
  • Reference Electrodes
  • Rotating Disc Electrodes

Short videos demonstrate in detail e.g.,
  • how to adjust the Multi-Mode Electrode
  • how to service the reference electrode or
  • how to handle rotating disc electrodes

With "Electrodes in Voltammetry" you will be able to handle and maintain your electrodes independently and in a matter of a few minutes. The multimedia guide is available in German, English, Spanish and Chinese. Order your free copy of "Electrodes in Voltammetry" from your local Metrohm sales rep or from Metrohm’s web page

Download pr in En, Ger, Span