Metrohm Quality Service – professional instruments need professional service

Car wash cartoon
Nobody in his right mind would buy a new car and not take it to professional service after a while. Why? There simply is no better way to protect the value of one‘s investment.

When it comes to analytical instruments it is exactly the same. Professional service is no less than an operational insurance card: safeguarding instruments from failure and giving users peace of mind.
Of course, who could provide better service than the manufacturer of the respective instrument? That is why Metrohm recommends Metrohm Quality Service. Metrohm Quality Service is available in 80 countries worldwide and is provided by trained and certified Metrohm Service Engineers only. The customer benefits are evident: Metrohm Quality Service
  • is insurance for a long, trouble-free life of any Metrohm instrument
  • means documented accuracy and precision for burets/dosing units
  • is the easy way to compliant IQ/OQ documentation in regulated environments
  • means fast on-site repairs and application support from experts who speak the local language
  • makes sure, Metrohm software runs at peak performance
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