Metrohm Application Finder

Metrohm Application Finder

Metrohm has almost 1800 documented applications for virtually any element and numerous compounds in any kind of matrix. So it is very likely that there’s a document that gives you exactly what you need – an application how to determine parameter x in matrix y by method z. Alas – how to find this application? With the new Metrohm Application Finder it’s simple!

Browsing the Metrohm database with the new Metrohm Application Finder makes life in the laboratory so much easier. It is an extremely powerful tool: four filter categories – "analyte", "matrix", "industry", and "method" enable you to specify and narrow down you search, for example by combining two, three, or even more filters from the four categories. To this end, each application in our database is indexed, depending on its content. 

"Chloride", for example, is a universal parameter and is regularly determined in many different matrices and even by different methods, depending on the industry sector. Here, the benefit of the sophisticated, yet straightforward filtering with the Metrohm Application Finder becomes evident: someone working in QC lab in the food industry will look for the chloride content in different matrices and possibly with different methods than someone developing a new method for monitoring a particular kind of plating bath. Both users will get shown relevant, albeit very different applications for "chloride", the parameter they are both looking for.

The search functions are complemented by a full text search. This is particularly helpful, if you are looking for a particular compound, mostly of organic nature. In this case, title and the abstract of the application are browsed for a match with the exact sequence of letters/terms typed in.

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