Collected application know-how for pharmaceutical analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis

Metrohm is pleased to present «Pharmaceutical analysis», a dedicated online resource providing an overview of the most important methods and applications for the determination of active ingredients, excipients, and impurities in pharmaceuticals.

«Pharmaceutical analysis» draws on Metrohm’s comprehensive expertise in chemical analysis for the quality control of pharmaceuticals. Using the U.S. Pharmacopeia as a reference, the webpages cover basic general parameters such as pH value, conductivity and water content as well as the determination of specific APIs, excipients and impurities.

Methods described include near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), potentiometric, colorimetric and Karl Fischer titration, ion chromatography, stability measurement, voltammetry, atline and online process analysis. «Pharmaceutical analysis» is a tool for anyone who is involved in the professional quality assurance of pharmaceutical products.

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