IC-ICP-MS method developed to test new, reliable way of assessing carryover effect in chromatography

Automated ion chromatography for anion and cation analysis and sample processor
In a recently published paper, M.M. Wolle et al. present an IC-ICP-MS method for the redox speciation analysis of iron based on in-column complexation of Fe2+ and Fe3+.

In order to assess the carryover of the target species in the chromatography, the authors uniquely and effectively used isotopically labeled analoges of the analytes.

The study was performed on a Metrohm 850 Professional IC and an Agilent 7700 ICP-MS. The abstract of the study published in Journal of Chromatography (2014) is available free.
In contrast to the routine way of evaluating carryover effect by injecting a blank solution after sample analysis, the use of isotopically enriched standards identified significant analyte carryover in the present method.

Extensive experiments were carried out to systematically identify the source of the carryover and to eliminate the problem; the separation column was found to be the exclusive source. More than 95% of the analyte carryover was eliminated by reducing the length of the column.

Referring to the results of their study relating to carryover effects in chromatography and how to assess them, Wolle et. al. point out that "this introduces additional dimension for the use of enriched isotopes as diagnostic tool in identifying error prone steps in chromatographic methods."

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