Ion chromatography (IC) for food analysis – Metrohm launches promotional offer

IC Food Packs brochure
Metrohm is pleased to promote the IC Food Packs, two complete packages comprising everything needed for state-of-the-art food analysis by ion chromatography (IC).

The promotional offer is valid immediately through December 31, 2015. Customers will benefit from a promotional discount in the form of free MagIC Net software as well as free accessories needed for Inline Ultrafiltration, a sample preparation technique frequently used in food analysis by IC.

IC is a versatile, proven method used for both food and beverage analysis. Anions, cations, amines, organic acids, carbohydrates, amino acids, sugar substitutes, preservatives, and flavoring agents can be determined by IC in virtually any matrix with utmost precision and reliability.

IC is a highly efficient method. Chemically similar substances can be determined in parallel in a single analysis. IC becomes even more efficient, if it is combined with the many options of Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP), ranging from Inline Ultrafiltration to Inline Dilution, Inline Dialysis, Inline Matrix Elimination, and more.

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