Ion chromatography – which column for which application?

Screenshot of the online Column Finder

Metrohm is pleased to present the Column Finder. Available on the Metrohm website, this new, dedicated search engine enables users to quickly find the most suitable Metrohm IC column for their application.

«I know which analyte I need to determine and in which matrix, however, what column do I need to get the job done?» The Metrohm Column Finder provides the answer to this question – in a matter of seconds.

The new online tool requires users to specify their search for the right column step by step: In a first step, they enter basic information whether they want to analyze anions, cations, or organics. Next, they specify the kind of analyte to be determined. Finally, users can define the optional detection method to be applied. The Column Finder then suggests a dedicated column that is ideally suited for the respective application.

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