How online chemical analysis can help maximize efficiency of chlor-alkali production

Metrohm Process Analytics for industrial process monitoring
Chlorine and caustic soda are produced together in large quantities primarily through the chlor-alkali process, mainly via the membrane cell electrolysis method. This white paper describes the key focal points of membrane electrolysis and shows how real-time monitoring of critical chemical parameters can help improve robustness and increase efficiency of the chlor-alkali production process.

The chlor-alkali process requires brine as a raw material, which must first be purified in several steps. Impurities such as calcium and magnesium (hardness) or others produced by side reactions can have serious detrimental effects on the electrolysis membranes, leading to premature fouling.

Significant costs – they can run into several million euros for a large plant – are attributed to the loss of current efficiency over the lifetime of these membranes even from short-term exposure to higher levels of impurities in the brine.

Manufacturers can avoid the risks associated with ion exchange breakthrough, membrane blockage and fouling, measuring impurities in concentrated NaOH, and even monitoring moisture in Cl2 gas prior to storage and transport by choosing online process analytical techniques. Metrohm Process Analytics provides customized solutions for the chlor-alkali industry with a broad range of online, inline, and atline industrial process analyzers engineered to run unattended 24/7. Continuous measurements are performed directly at the sampling point, ensuring the most up-to-date information is shared with the control room so immediate action can be taken when programmable warning levels are exceeded. Reliable and reproducible data is obtained around the clock, leading to high uptimes and a more optimized production process.

Metrohm Process Analytics provides local service and support in over 50 countries. Standardized maintenance procedures ensure the same high quality of service is provided globally by trained and certified service engineers based at local Metrohm offices.

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