Applied quality control in the chemical industry – new web pages answer your questions

Chemical production plant
We are making the chemical engineer’s life a bit more comfortable: A new section on the Metrohm website takes a comprehensive look at the methods and applications used in the quality control of the industrial manufacturing of basic chemicals, solvents, colorants, and their intermediates. Whether you are looking for a specific parameter and suitable methods to determine it (in the laboratory and in the process), a particular application, or regulatory requirements – simply consult our website to find helpful information.

The scope of the new web pages:

  • Analysis of basic chemicals: e.g., sulfuric acid, chlorine, hydrogene, butadiene, urea
  • Solvent analysis: e.g., impurity analysis (trace metals, anions, cations), water determination, solvent recovery/recycling
  • Colorant analysis: e.g., anions in dyes, nitrobenzene traces in aniline, dye, diethylene glycol, water, and surfactants in ink, quality control of sulfonamides
  • Plant operation in the chemical process industry (CPI): corrosion monitoring, multiparameter analysis in the Solvay and chlor-alkali process, sulfuric acid determination in the cumene-phenol process.

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