«Analyze This» - The new Metrohm blog is here!

Analyze This – New Metrohm blog

«Metrohm» has always meant state-of-the-art technology for the chemical laboratory. For many scientists, we have also been a preferred partner to help find or develop solutions for specific application challenges. We would like to share the highlights of our application know-how with the world, and that is why, as of this year, we will start blogging about many interesting topics geared towards our scientific readership.

What topics will be on the blog?

Metrohm provides complete solutions for ion analysis, including ion chromatography, voltammetry, conductivity, and stability measurement instrumentation. Our electrochemistry portfolio is comprehensive, and the more recent additions of near-infrared (NIR) and Raman spectroscopy round out our analytical portfolio. Our experts in all of these fields are prepared to share, for example, tips and tricks for how to improve or reduce manual sample preparation, how to properly care for electrodes and columns, and how to become even more efficient in the laboratory.

Additionally, we plan to cover:

  • methods and their application (best practice)
  • new norms & standards and how to comply with them
  • the background behind different analytical technologies
  • and much more

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We invite you to our blog, «Analyze This», to read about interesting chemistry topics, updated weekly. 

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