ADI 2045TI Process Analyzer helps operating nuclear power plants at peak efficiency

Online process analyzer for titration, Karl Fischer titration, colorimetry, and more
Metrohm Applikon is pleased to present a robust solution (AN-PAN-1013) for the on-line monitoring of boric acid in cooling waters of pressurized water reactors (PWRs).

The Metrohm Applikon system is based on the ADI 2045TI Process Analyzer and determines the boric acid concentration by potentiometric titration. The system adapts automatically to the varying concentration range (0-2000 ppm) ensuring efficient reactivity adjustment for maximum power output.
Boric acid acts as a neutron scavenger and is used in PWRs to moderate the nuclear reaction. Hence, running PWRs at peak efficiency requires just the right amount of boric acid to be present in the primary coolant system water at any time depending on the stage of the fuel cycle. This challenge is met by the Chemical and Volume Control System (CVS) including on-line monitoring of the concentration of boric acid. The solution as provided by the Metrohm Applikon 2045TI Process Analyzer
  • determines the boron concentration continuously 24/7
  • adapts automatically to the varying process range
  • covers the full measuring range (0-2000 ppm boron)
  • does not need to be calibrated
  • is highly robust