ADI 2045TI Online Analyzer improves scrubbing process in carbon capture plants

Nuclear power plant cooling tower
The most commonly used process for post-combustion CO2 capture is amine-based scrubbing. Metrohm Applikon offers a fully automated solution for the online monitoring of this process in order to optimize the amine activity, measure the efficiency of the CO2 capture, and thus help to reduce overall costs.

More information is available from the Process Application Note AN-PAN-1003.
In the scrubbing process, a CO2-rich gas stream, such as a power plant’s flue gas, is "bubbled" through an amine solution. The CO2 bonds with the amines as it passes through the solution while nonacidic gases continue up through the flue. The CO2 in the resulting CO2-saturated amine solution is then thermically removed from the amines and is ready for carbon storage. The amines themselves can be recycled. The entire process is very energy-intensive, resulting in large operating costs. Hence, optimizing the amine activity and usage by online analysis is a critical step in reducing overall costs and measuring the efficiency of the CO2 capture at the same time.

The Applikon solution is based on an ADI 2045TI Online Analyzer and uses acid titration of amine and free and total CO2 in a caustic absorbing solution. The method has been tested with different capture chemicals and is compatible with laboratory tests.