Acid Number testing – Save thousands of dollars with ASTM D8045

Petroleum quality testing with ASTM D8045

Recently the ASTM published method D8045 for Acid Number determination in crude oil and petroleum products. Now there is an online calculator available to help users determine how much their laboratory will save, if they switch from method D664 to the new method D8045.

The savings are the immediate result from the lower amount of solvent that method D8045 (thermometric titration) requires compared to the well-known method D664 (potentiometric titration). Assuming a throughput of several thousand samples p. a., laboratories may easily save a sum in the five-figure-range due to lower solvent consumption.

Other aspects that speak in favor of the new ASTM method 8045 are

  • the method’s robustness (doesn’t require either sensor conditioning or maintenance),
  • its speed (just 1 minute as compared to 3 minutes for D664)
  • its higher accuracy and better reproducibility, as there are no matrix effects

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