884 Professional VA
6/15/2015 6:30 AM

Fully integrated system for voltammetry, polarography, and CVS analysis

Voltammetry system for trace analysis
Metrohm launches the 884 Professional VA, a fully integrated measuring system for voltammetry, polarography, and cyclic voltammetric stripping (CVS).

The system’s entirely modular design (including a readily exchangeable measuring head for fast switching between methods) and powerful viva software make the 884 Professional VA the preferred tool for the determination of transition metals, organic compounds, (heavy) metal speciation analysis, and the determination of organic additives in electroplating solutions.

Ultra-sensitive measurements

Voltammetry is highly sensitive (LODs in the ppt range, depending on the analyte), robust against interferences from high concentrations of dissolved solids, and enables speciation analysis, i.e. the discrimination between different oxidation states of metal ions or between free and bound metal ions. Moreover, voltammetry is rather affordable and operating costs are low – especially in comparison with spectroscopic methods such ICP-MS. Finally, the new 884 Professional VA also enables monitoring key parameters in electroplating solutions by CVS: concentrations of suppressors, brighteners, and levelers.

Custom configurations

Due to the 884 Professional VA’s entirely modular design, any custom configuration is possible, from a manually operated measuring stand to a fully automated system processing large sample series 24/7.

Individual method programming

viva makes the 884 Professional VA a powerful tool for method development, as it gives users unlimited access to all operational parameters. Hence, users may develop their own methods adding command by command on the graphic user interface following the sequence of steps of the respective application. 

viva supports the user with a unique range of features for more ease of use and reliability of measurements and results

  • Plausibility checks
  • Control charts
  • Report creation
  • "History" function for comprehensive retrieval of determinations
  • Central data management (client-server version)
  • Data export (to LIMS, QM systems)
  • Sophisticated security and user administration

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