Webinar: Improve Titration Reproducibility and Efficiency with Automation
5/21/2019 11:00 AM - 5/21/2019 7:00 PM

Save the date: 21 May 2019, 10 am / 5 pm CEST

Join this webinar to learn more about how sample preparation for potentiometric and Karl Fischer titration can be made safer, more efficient, and more reproducible through the use of automation solutions.

This free webinar is hosted by Metrohm and Separation Science and will be broadcast twice on 21 May 2019, at 10 pm CEST and at 5 pm CEST.

Sample preparation, starting the titration, disposing of the titrated solution, rinsing the titration vessel, reconditioning the electrode, setting up the next titration – stand-alone titrations are a full-time job for lab technicians. This webinar will show how sample preparation can take care of these steps to reduce the lab technician's work load, improve the reproducibility of the results, and make the titrations safer.

Automated water content determination with the OMNIS Karl Fischer titrator

By attending this webinar, you will …

  • Learn how automation can eliminate manual handling of toxic reagents and waste solutions.
  • Understand how automation increases reproducibility because all sample preparation steps are performed automatically.
  • Learn how automation saves time and money because parallel operation allows for a higher throughput and frees up laboratory staff.

If you're interested in automated titration systems and seek to reduce human errors during sample preparation and improve the safety in your lab, don't hesitate and register for this webinar.

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