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The quality of a phosphatized metal surface directly depends on the composition of the phosphatizing baths. Because the constant loss of bath reagents or contamination of the rinsing baths it is very important to constantly monitor these agents. Keeping the consumption of phosphatizing agents as low as possible can optimize costs.

In a modern factory you find many different types of baths. It is very difficult to keep an eye on every single parameter. ProcessLab will monitor these by itself and, if desired, transmit the data to any suitable process con trol system (PCS). Alarm criteria can be set as well as external signals like a flashing alarm lamp.

ProcessLab can, with the help of barcodes, automatically recognize the sample and the parameter which have to be analyzed. Place any sample on ProcessLab, register it and hit the “Start” button. All you get is the result at the desired place like e.g. a report or a simple PDF. Custom-designed for the particular needs of the process.

The described ProcessLab at-line analysis system controls, records and documents the important analytical parameters of the entire phosphatizing process. The combination of the analytical methods involved as well as the intuitive handling via the well-arranged user interface allow for complete process control.


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