Nickel and cobalt in drinking water – Simultaneous determination in low µg/L range on the 11L SPEs modified with a Bi film

EU legislation specifies 20 µg/L as the limit value for nickel in drinking water. The current provisional guideline value for Ni in the World Health Organization’s «Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality» is set to a maximum concentration of 70 µg/L. The adsorptive stripping voltammetry (AdSV) technique performed on the ex-situ bismuth film modified Metrohm DropSens 11L screen-printed electrode (SPE) can be used to simultaneously detect concentrations as low as 0.4 µg/L for nickel and 0.2 µg/L for cobalt with a 30 s deposition time.

The disposable, maintenance-free sensor can be used conventionally in the laboratory with the 884 Professional VA, or alternatively in the field with the 946 Portable VA Analyzer. This method is best suited for manual systems.