Chloride in milk and milk powder – Fully automated determination according to ISO, IDF, and AOAC standards

In order to maintain product quality, the sodium chloride content in dairy products must be monitored and not exceed the limits defined by the respective public health authorities. The chloride content in food correlates with the salt content, its determination is therefore described in various norms and standards. However, preparation of such samples is time consuming, as it includes a chloride extraction with warm water. Whole milk powders in particular are difficult to handle as an inhomogeneous dispersion of fat in the titration suspension occurs.

In order to reduce the workload, increase sample throughput, and eliminate the matrix challenges posed by high fat products, this Application Note presents a fully automatic potentiometric titration of chloride with silver nitrate in milk and milk powder based on ISO 21422, IDF 242, AOAC 2015.07, AOAC 2015.08 and AOAC 2016.03