Acid value and free fatty acids in edible oils – Fully automated determination according to the current EN ISO, Ph. Eur, and USP standards

The acid value and the free fatty acid content are important parameters used for the characterization and assessing the quality of edible fats and oils. Furthermore, the content of free fatty acids is used for purity testing and allows in certain cases conclusions about the pretreatment or occurring decomposition reactions. The higher the acid value and free fatty acid content the lower the quality of the oil. The acid value additionally increases with the age of an oil as triglycerides are converted into fatty acids and glycerol as an effect of time.

This Application Note describes the titrimetric determination of the acid value and the free fatty acid content in rapeseed, olive, palm and sunflower oil. The method based on the standards EN ISO 660, USP<401> and Ph.Eur. 2.5.1. Using the DISCover technique all sample preparation steps can be fully automated, freeing up valuable time of the operator and thus increasing the productivity in the lab.