Peroxide value in edible oils – Fully automated determination according to the current EN ISO, AOAC, Ph. Eur, and USP standards

The peroxide number or peroxide value is an important sum parameter for assessing the quality of edible fats and oils. It provides quantitative information about the presence of peroxides or hydroperoxides, which are formed, when unsaturated fatty acids in fats and oils react with oxygen. Peroxide and hydroperoxides can lead to a rancid taste of the oils, which is why the peroxide number provides information about the freshness of the sample.

This Application Note describes the titrimetric determination of the peroxide value in rapeseed and olive oil according to EN ISO 27107, EN ISO 3960, AOAC 965.33, Ph. Eur. 2.5.5, and USP<401>. Using the DIS-Cover technique all sample preparation steps can be fully automated, freeing up valuable time of the operator and thus increasing the productivity in the lab.