In situ, fast and sensitive: Electrochemical SERS with screen-printed electrodes

Substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) are typically fabricated with complex (micro/nano)structures of noble metals, enabling trace level detection of analytes. Due to the high costs and reactivity of these SERS substrates, they often have a limited shelf life. Development of new substrate materials which minimize these issues yet maintain the same performance standards is a constant concern.

Screen-printed electrodes can be easily fabricated using different metallic materials with the well-established screen-printing method, leading to mass production of versatile, cost-effective, and disposable devices. In this Application Note, the feasibility of using readily-available screen-printed metal electrodes as suitable substrates for the fast and sensitive detection of different chemical species by in situ electrochemical SERS (EC-SERS) is shown.