Inline monitoring of fermentation processes – Determination of multiple parameters in a fermentation broth for bioethanol production

Bioethanol is a more eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels because it can be produced from compounds containing sugar, starch, or lignocellulose biomass. Since feedstock varies from season to season, ethanol producers must adapt to each batch of raw materials. Controlling the fermentation process via inline analysis is important to understand the reaction pathways of the various sugars present in the ethanol production process to enhance throughput, reproducibility, and productivity.


Metrohm Process Analytics can measure not only the sugars present, but also moisture content, solids (enzymes), lactic acid, glycerol, and acetic acid without chemical reagents using the NIRS XDS Process Analyzer. This industrial analyzer enables the comparison of «real-time» spectral data from the process to a primary method (e.g., titration, Karl Fischer titration, HPLC, IC) to create a simple, yet indispensable model for your process requirements.