Online trace analysis of cations in the primary circuit of nuclear power plants

In power plants, corrosion is the primary factor leading to costly and critical downtimes. In a nuclear power plant, a separate water circuit known as the Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) ensures radioactive material stays contained while still transferring heat and energy to the other circuits. Boric acid and lithium hydroxide are added specially to the PWR circuit in amounts which can complicate other analytical measurements. Lithium prevents corrosion and must be monitored, along with other cations such as zinc, nickel, and ammonium.


In order to measure these cations online at sub-µg/L range in a single analysis, the 2060 IC Process Analyzer is offered with combined Inline Preconcentration and Inline Matrix Elimination. Several cations can be analyzed in a single injection, with automated sample preparation making precise and reliable measurements easier.