Ortho- and total phosphate phosphorus analysis online according to DIN EN ISO 6878:2004-09

Phosphorus removal is essential in waste water treatment plants to ensure the environmental balance is not upset by discharged effluent. In the treatment facility it is important to know the bioavailable o-phosphate phosphorus (o-PO4-P) concentration in the influent stream either to feed bacteria or to calculate the amount of reagents needed for chemical treatment. For environmental compliance monitoring purposes, treated effluent is monitored for TP – the sum of all insoluble and dissolved phosphates present. With the Metrohm Process Analytics 2035 TP Analyzer (complete with integrated compact digestion cuvette photometer module), you can keep track of both o-PO4-P and TP according to DIN EN ISO 6878:2004-09 around the clock.