Monitoring corrosion in power plants: online ultratrace analysis of Fe and Cu

Corrosion in the water-steam circuit of power plants leads to shorter lifetimes of most metal components and potentially dangerous situations. Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) is a specific case, leading to thinned pipes and elevated Fe concentrations in the circuit. Additionally, metal transport issues such as with Cu from copper heat exchangers can lead to deposition on the high pressure turbine blades, decreasing their efficiency.

Current methods can monitor but not prevent these issues, and analysis times are extremely long (up to 3 weeks). In combination with the power plant’s Distributed Control System (DCS), online monitoring of Fe and Cu with the 2045VA Process Analyzer ensures that corrosion can be controlled before it affects the power plant efficiency, ultimately decreasing downtime and lowering maintenance costs.

Keyword: Flow-assisted corrosion