Metrohm IC Driver for OpenLab CDS – OpenLab controlled dual channel cation and anion analysis with automated Inline Eluent Production

OpenLab CDS is the newest generation of Agilent’s chromatography data systems, combining chromatography and mass spectrometry in a single software platform. The release of the Metrohm IC Driver 1.0 for OpenLab enables the full integration of Metrohm IC instruments in OpenLab CDS, providing a single software solution for IC-MS hyphenation. OpenLab-based laboratories profit by saving time and costs for user trainings, validation, and software without any loss of the robustness and flexibility for which Metrohm is well-known.


This application focuses on the simultaneous analysis of cations and suppressed anions with a dual channel Metrohm IC operated by OpenLab CDS. The implemented automated Inline Eluent Production enables continuous operation without manual intervention, improving retention time stability.