Determination of tungsten by anodic stripping voltammetry at the Ultra Trace graphite RDE

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The method described allows the determination of W(VI) traces in the range 0.2 to 50 µg/L (ppb). Traces of organic compounds present in the samples (e.g. natural waters) interfere. They have to be removed by UV digestion (e.g. 705 UV Digester). Interference by Fe(III) up to a concentration of 100 mg/L is eliminated by reduction to Fe(lI) with ascorbic acid. If the amount of Cu(II) in the sample exceeds the amount of W(VI) by a factor of 200 or more, the Cu ions have to be bound with thiourea. Moreover, the concentration of Cu(II) should not exceed 5 mg/L. The determination is made by adsorptive stripping analysis in the DP mode.