Professional VA – leading-edge voltammetry and polarography

The 884 Professional VA is our newest instrument for voltammetry/polarography and CVS.

Building on Metrohm’s long expertise in voltammetry, this instrument is designed to offer more: more flexibility, more convenience, and more security.

Thanks to the dedicated viva software and extensive automation options, this system can be fully tailored to your specific analytical needs.

Exploit the full potential in your lab with this advanced system capable of voltammetric trace analysis and Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping (CVS) measurements.

Key features

  • Space-saving instrument
  • Many applications for voltammetric trace analysis and CVS
  • Modular design for tailor-made systems
  • Powerful dedicated viva software
  • Exchangeable measuring head

An advanced system for all voltammetry and CVS applications

The 884 Professional VA covers the entire range of voltammetric analysis.

Versatility is ingrained in this system’s genes. Capable of performing voltammetry, polarography, and Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping (CVS) measurements, this system can be used to analyze:

  • trace levels of, e.g., cadmium, lead, nickel, cobalt, or iron, in sea water, salts, and high-purity chemicals,
  • organic additives, e.g., suppressors, brighteners, and levelers, in electroplating solutions (by CVS),
  • various transition metal ions in water samples,
  • additives and impurities in electroplating solutions,
  • copper and iron in boiler feed water,
  • ultra-trace levels of metal species in sea water,
  • and more.

> Overview of detection limits for the 884 Professional VA

884 Professional VA voltammetry and CVS instrument

Clever design for improved convenience

Our engineers have designed the 884 Professional VA instrument with your needs in mind.

The compact, space-saving 884 Professional VA is equipped with an exchangeable measuring head. If you have more than one application that require different electrodes, preparing the hardware for a different method is a matter of just a few seconds: Attach a different measuring head, and you’re good to go.

884 Professional VA with exchangeable measuring head

Integrated calibrator for guaranteed reliability

Rely on accurate measurements with the 884 Professional VA.

The instrument has a built-in, certified calibrator, which adjusts the potentiostat before each measurement. Varying ambient conditions, e.g., temperature and humidity, do not influence the measurement.

884 Professional VA with calibration certificates

A modular system for customized setups

The 884 Professional VA system is highly modular. It can be expanded to meet any analytical requirements.

Whether you want to perform manual analyses, add solutions automatically, or perform routine determinations fully automatically, the 884 Professional VA is the right instrument for you.

You can add Metrohm Dosinos, pumps, and sample changers to your 884 Professional VA system. Dosing of sample and reagents, rinsing of the sample vessel, and sample changing can be automated in this way.

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884 Professional VA, semiautomated, for single determinations

Automated systems for reduced workload in the lab

Metrohm offers all-inclusive systems for semiautomated and fully automated voltammetry or CVS analyses.

Semiautomated versions:

> for voltammetry

> for CVS

Fully automated versions:

> for voltammetry

> for CVS

MVA-22 fully automated 884 Professional VA voltammetry system

A user-friendly software for full control and full security

viva is a dedicated voltammetry and CVS software that gives you full control of your determinations and analytical procedures.

viva allows you to:

  • adapt the methods to your lab requirements,
  • set all relevant parameters,
  • evaluate data and create user-specific results,
  • manage your data in the database,
  • create customized reports, and
  • ensure data security in your lab via specific user rights.

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Built-in intelligence for improved accuracy and reliability

The elaborate viva software makes it possible to adjust the method settings to the sample properties automatically during analysis. This improves the result accuracy and reliability and expands the method application range.
Screenshot viva standard addition


Modules for automation

Read how you can reduce manual work in your lab with automation modules.

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viva software

Create your own methods, customize the data displayed, and manage your results – with viva.

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