919 IC Autosampler plus for VA

919 IC Autosampler plus for VA
Order number: 2.919.0130

The 919 IC Autosampler plus for VA is suitable for small sample series of fully automatic trace determinations of heavy metals using polarography and voltammetry together with Professional VA instruments and viva. The system is controlled directly by the viva software and permits automatic changes of method between different types of determinations. The sample rack supplied holds 28 samples with a maximum size of 10 mL.

The 919 IC Autosampler plus for VA is supplied with accessories, sample rack, and connection cable so you can set up a complete workplace, although it does not come with rinsing equipment.  

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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 280/530/500


  • 56 sample vessels of 10 mL each (sample volume: 5 - 12 mL)


  • Pump type: 2-channel peristaltic pump
  • Pump tubing material: PVC (Tygon®)
  • Speed: ±6 rpm - ±90 rpm
  • Pressure: max. 0.4 MPa (4 bar)


  • USB interface
  • 3 MSB connectors for Dosinos