Professional CVS

The 894 Professional CVS is a made-to-measure CVS instrument for the electroplating industry that masters large sample loads and changing applications.

Its central applications are the determination of brighteners, suppressors, or levelers in electroplating baths.

With its modular design, its diverse automation options, and the viva software that offers individual method development – among numerous other benefits – this system adapts to the requirements of all users.

Key features

  • Small instrument footprint
  • Modular design – customize your system according to your needs with the versatile automation options!
  • Customized liquid handling with dosing units, pumps, and level sensors
  • Built-in calibrator for guaranteed accuracy and reliability
  • Exchangeable measuring head for fast and easy switching between applications

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884 Professional VA semiautomated for CVS

884 Professional VA semi-automated for CVS is a convenient high-end routine analyzer for determinations of organic additives in electroplating baths with "Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping" (CVS), "Cyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping" (CPVS), and chronopotentiometry (CP), or voltammetric heavy metal determinations with rotating disk electrodes. The proven Metrohm electrode method combined with a completely new design of potentiostat/galvanostat and the extremely high-performance viva software opens up new perspectives in CVS. The potentiostat with a certified calibrator readjusts itself automatically before each measurement, thus guaranteeing maximum precision. The integrated temperature measurement input allows you to monitor the solution temperature during the measurement.The instrument can also be used to perform voltammetric determinations with the Multi-Mode Electrode or the scTRACE Gold. The replaceable measuring head enables rapid changes between various applications with different electrodes.Two 800 Dosinos (supplied) permit the automatic addition of auxiliary solutions during the determination, e.g., VMS, standard solutions or samples for the Dilution Titration technique (DT).The viva software is required for control, data acquisition, and evaluation.The 884 Professional VA semiautomated for CVS is supplied with extensive accessories and measuring head for rotating disk electrodes. Electrode set and viva license need to be ordered separately.
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Customized system

The modular design of the 894 Professional CVS allows you to customize your system according to the requirements of the application.

You can choose from different electrode kits and complete your system with a variety of automation and liquid handling options.

Save time and improve security with automation

From the simple, manually operated system to a fully automated one – including automatic dosing and rinsing and large numbers of samples per run – everything is possible.

You can enhance your system to any degree of automation for more convenience and measurement security. Predefined systems reflect typical advantageous system configurations.

> Find out more about the automation modules here!

Clever liquid handling that simplifies your work

The 894 Professional CVS reduces user interaction by using Metrohm’s Dosinos for automatic dosing of sample and solutions.

You can further complete your system’s liquid handling with pumps for automatic rinsing. Optional level sensors send out timely warnings when waste containers are full and thereby prevent them from overflowing.

viva – the powerful CVS software

The 894 Professional CVS family is operated by viva, Metrohm’s CVS software.

It takes care of everything from the management of the sample data, instrument operation, data recording, and evaluation to results management in its own database.

> Read more about viva here!

Create methods to match your applications

The preprogrammed methods available in viva cover common standard applications.

However, the software also allows you to detach yourself from these methods: viva is the only CVS software at the market that offers the possibility of intuitive and problem-focused method programming with its integrated method editor.

This gives you complete freedom of applications.

Built-in intelligence improves accuracy and saves time

viva can automatically adapt the method settings to sample properties – and thereby improve result accuracy and method application range, while reducing test time.

Accurate and reliable

The 894 Professional CVS features an integrated calibrator and a newly designed potentiostat/galvanostat which make it highly sensitive and guarantee accurate and reliable results.

More than one application?

No problem!

The exchangeable measuring head allows you to switch between different applications in a matter of seconds. All of the electrodes and tubing connections are replaced in three rapid steps.