Wearcheck enhances output with Metrohm 851 /874 KF system
2018-07-26 10:04 AM

Wearcheck installation 851 874 KF System   Lee-Ann Chunilall (Metrohm SA) & Meshach Govender (Wearcheck)

Wearcheck is an oil conditioning monitoring company in Africa providing scientific analysis of oil and other petrochemical products. They service customers in the transport, mining, shipping, earthmoving, industrial, electrical and aircraft industries with over 14 laboratories across Africa and abroad.

Wearcheck is the only oil analysis company in Africa to be ISO 9001, 14001 and 17025 accredited. All laboratories are equipped with automated technology and employees are highly skilled and trained to work in this environment.

A Metrohm 851 Titrando with 874 Oven sample processor was recently installed at the Pinetown Laboratory in Durban. This system is used to monitor water content in engine oils. Many samples are not suitable for direct Karl Fischer titration due to their matrix, they either contaminate the titration cell or electrodes or undergo side reactions with the Karl Fisher reagents. The 874 oven system eliminates all those problems.

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