862 Compact Titrosampler

862 Compact Titrosampler
Order Number: 2.862.0010

The 862 Compact Titrosampler – titrator and sample changer in one – is a completely automated titration station with the support surface of a commercially available analytical balance.

Compact and economical instrument for the automatic performance of dynamic (DET) and monotonic (MET) titrations with automatic equivalence point finding and endpoint titrations (SET) in a very small space.
Various titrations can be performed fully automatically and the electrodes can be cleaned and stored in a total of 12 positions.
The titration curve is directly in view thanks to the large, clearly organized Live Display and the current status of the sample series is recognizable at once. Pressing samples can be given priority analysis at any time.


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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 260/470/430

Rack material: PVC
865 Dosimat plus

865 Dosimat plus


Universal dispensing unit for titration and dosing tasks in the laboratory. Including push-button cable for manual dispensing control and 6.3026.220 exchange unit (20 mL). A multitude of instruments can be connected at the USB interface of the Dosimat plus, even a number of them simultaneously when a USB hub is used (keyboard, mouse, USB compact printer or USB DIN A4 printer, USB Memory Stick for methods and data backup). The optional 6.2148.030 USB/RS-232 Adapter Box enables the connection of laboratory balances and operation with a computer.

With its four dosing modes, the Dosimat plus offers a multitude of applications:

DOS (Dosing) – Dosing at the press of a button

This mode is particularly suitable for performing manual titrations with indicator. A result can be calculated and a result report can be printed automatically from the dosed volume.

XDOS (Extended dosing) – Controlled dosing

  • Fixed volume dosing: The volume and the dosing rate are specified.
  • Time-controlled dosing: The volume and the time are specified.
  • Dosing according to dosing rate: The dosing rate and the time are specified.

If continuous dosing without interruption is required, then the 865 Dosimat plus can be operated together with an 805 Dosimat in tandem mode.

CNT D (Content dosing) – Preparation of standard and other solutions.

The volume of the solvent to be dosed is determined automatically on the basis of the sample size of the starting substance (solid or stock solution) and the specified target concentration.

LQT (Liquid transfer) – Pipetting and diluting of liquids.