OMNIS Sample Robot M Pick&Place

OMNIS Sample Robot M Pick&Place
Order Number: 2.1011.1010

OMNIS Sample Robot M with a "Peristaltic" (4-channel) pump module and a Pick&Place module in addition to extensive accessories for the direct transition to fully automatic titration. The system provides space in five sample racks for 80 sample beakers of 120 mL each.

The system can be extended upon request to include up to four peristaltic pumps and three additional Pick&Place modules, thus quadrupling the throughput. If even more samples are to be placed on the Sample Robot, then this Sample Robot can be expanded to become an L-sized OMNIS Sample Robot, thus enabling 112 samples to be processed in parallel on up to four Pick&Place modules and thus guaranteeing long and interruption-free operation.


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