Brinkmann Probe Colorimeter

Brinkmann Probe Colorimeter

Brinkmann Fiber Optic Probe Colorimeters are the simplest and most convenient colorimeters you will ever use. Insert the probe tip directly into the test solution and read the results. No transfer of sample to a cuvette, no cleaning problems, and no breakage.

Filter options include interchangeable “drop-in” filters, analytical filter wheel with six filters, as well as “water” or “custom” filter wheels for specific applications. Our colorimeter also features analog output for connection to a titrator or chart recorder. You can also select from filters ranging from 420 to 880 nm.

Key Features

  • Read absorbance or transmittance concentration
  • Models with filter wheel available to perform two or more colorimetric measurements
  • Serial port—for connection to a printer or PC
  • Read solution concentration


When using a suitable indicator solution:

Ammonia 450–500 nm Cyanide 570 nm
Chloride 470 nm Nitrate 420 nm
Chlorine 520 nm Phenol 500 nm
Chromium 545 nm Silica 660–700 nm
Copper 470 nm Sulfate 520 nm
Cloud Point 40% Neutral Density Phosphorus 420–470 nm or 880 nm