Mobile Phase Recyclers

The MR-100 (Catalog No. BOMLSMR100120) is designed to automatically reduce solvent consumption by recycling the uncontaminated mobile phase. User-defined parameters and the analog signal from your LC detector determine precisely when the mobile phase is recycled.

The user can set a signal threshold and when no peak is detected, the recycler redirects the solvent back to the resevoir. When the signal exceeds the threshold, the recycler diverts the mobile phase into the waste reservoir, only creating waste when solvent is contaminated.

Unit can store up to ten parameters, eliminating the need for reprogramming each time. User can also set the unit to flush the system for up to 99 seconds after a peak is detected to make sure that no contaminants are sent back.

Mobile Phase Recycler

Key Features

  • Automatic, remote or manual modes
  • Microprocessor-based memory stores up to ten sets of parameters
  • Positive and negative peak detection